Douglas County Health Department is responsible for protecting and promoting the health of its residents by assessing their health status and needs, developing policies and priorities, and assuring appropriate county response, thus ultimately improving health as measured by reduced communicable disease and increased life expectancy.


Douglas County will be a county of healthy people, in a healthy and safe environment.

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Since 1974, the Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) has been providing public health to the residents of our county.  Public health is described as healthy behaviors, primary and preventive care, environmental health, deaths and births, at risk populations, resources, and access to care.  Depending on funding and assessed needs, the public health services we provide are constantly changing.  We work to prevent epidemics and the spread of disease, promote and encourage healthy behaviors, respond in disasters and assist in recovery.  As an agency, we strive to develop a variety of funding sources to strengthen our community.  Our health department has been progressive in obtaining grant funding through which we are able to educate the public, work with our school systems and plan interventions.  The Douglas County Health Department works with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services through contracts which provide needed services to our county.  A well-trained, competent workforce is employed; accounting consultation is enlisted; a community assessment is done periodically with gaps analyzed; and collaboration is done with other entities to attempt to fill the gaps.

During 2013 our staff participated in over 700 staff development training hours.  Currently we have eleven full-time employees, one part-time employee and two contracted employees.

The Douglas County Health Department is dedicated to providing ten essential services of public health.

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