The W.I.C. program strives to improve the health and nutrition of eligible   women, infants and children. Participants receive personalized nutrition   counseling provided by specially trained staff, checks for nutritious foods,   and routine screenings.

 Call 683-4174 to apply for W.I.C. services

 Who qualifies for WIC and how do you qualify for WIC?

  •  Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding (nursing a baby up to one year   old), and postpartum (up to 6 months after a pregnancy has ended)

  •  Infants (a child under one year old)

  •  Children (from 1 year old up to age 5)

Douglas County Health Department

Ava, Missouri


You can use wichealth to complete your WIC nutrition education. There is no limit to how often or how much you can learn. Log in anytime. 24/7.

WIC Information Video

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